Monday, November 26, 2007

Early to bed

We stopped at the grocery store tonight on the way home to pick up the fixin's for Turkey Pot Pie. I had visions of making and freezing it tonight for reheating tomorrow, but after I finished my 'leftover thanksgiving,' all I wanted to do was sleep. Tomorrow. I'll eat half for dinner and freeze the other half.

It's not quite as pretty as it was yesterday, but you get the idea.


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Mark said...

You did have an impressive amount of turkey left on Wednesday night. It must have been some bird. Don't overdo it though. I remember a few years back eating turkey solidly for eight days one Christmas. In the end just everything about me smelt like turkey - never again.

My turkey scented days are far behind me though. I suppose that's the danger of living with a herbivore. These days I go for a more modest chicken.