Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Roundup

We had a record-breaking (for Stowmarket, anyway) 45 trick-or-treaters last night. Lots of little kids in cute costumes (with their parents) and a clump of teenage boys. I made sure people knew we had candy - we had the front light on and both pumpkins lit. John was a little traumatized by the whole thing - he kept locking the door in between trick-or-treaters.

I had an interesting run-in with another American - as some kids were leaving, I heard their dad talking to them with an American accent.

"Hey!", I said. "Another American!"

No response- just a blank look.

"Oh, sorry, are you Canadian?"

"No, I'm American." (He talks!)

"Wow, neat! I thought I was the only one in Stowmarket."

To which he responded in the coldest voice, "You're not. There are lots of us." Then he turned on his heel and walked away.

Um, Mister? I just gave your kids candy. Don't be such an asshole. Oh, and when I got back from choir, someone had stolen one of our pumpkins. Bah.


kat said...

oh, what a jerk :(
Boo for someone taking your pumpkin too. I hope you have yourself some candy :)

Anonymous said...

Well, the kids all had fun, and the only bad thing is one of those kids is unfortunate enough to have a total jackass as a Dad. Anybody that rude, and clueless, isn't worth knowing, and certainly isn't worth having as a "friend". Unfortunately, jackasses are to be found in every society and culture, it's just that the American ones seem to stick out more than the others.

Glad you had a good time on Hallowe'en anyway!

Love, Dad.

Anonymous said...

yes how rude a man, indeed.

lovely you got involved in halloween, must have made 45 kids very happy