Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It Sucks To Be Me (no, really!)

And I have the mug to prove it! Our friend Mark went to London to see Avenue Q last weekend. I gave him a copy of the CD back when we were living in the flat - I can't even remember what it was that sparked the conversation. So tonight he turns up with this mug, as a present for me from London:

I LOVE it...and it totally goes with my 'Everything in life is only for now' button that's on my monitor at work.

I was talking to one of my choir buddies at rehearsal tonight and she said that both she and her husband have been sick with a lingering cold-y sore-throat-y thing over the last few weeks. The more she described it, the more I think it's what I've got. I've had crazy headaches (not stress ones - those are different), a nasty taste in my mouth, and a sore throat. Oh, and no attention span. Seriously, none at all. I can't hold a thought in my head for more than about 10 seconds before I flip to something else. It's driving me bonkers at work - I can't seem to finish ANYTHING. Today at one point I had 3 open emails that I was composing, two things on my desk that I was working on, and a spreadsheet. It's not that I'm super busy (I am, but it's not new) - it's that I truly can't stick with any task for more than about 2 minutes before I suddenly think of something else that I need to do right then. I don't usually have this problem...and I need it to go away NOW. Maybe sleep will help...

Oh, and if you're in the Suffolk area this weekend, check out the Bury Bach Choir Concert on Saturday evening.


kat said...

Ok, you sound just like me :)
It's aggravating isn't it?
Well I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Aggravating colds are best cured with cold showers and long walks.

C said...

My mom and I have both been sick for the past ten days with a persistent sore throat/headachey/no-attention-span thing. Sounds like it crossed the ocean!

Feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Kate sorry to read you're feeling so under the weather. Try not to be hard on yourself. This will pass!! It's really hard though to be at work feeling this way. Frustrating & depressing too, i know. Take care, wish you speedily better! I will try and call you next week/near future. M xx

Anonymous said...

ps i forgot to mention im going to see avenue Q on dec 1st, should be fun! M xx