Sunday, November 11, 2007

Windswept and interesting

With my eternal optimism about English weather, we went for a walk today. We drove up to Debenham and went on a modified version of a 6-mile walk in our walking book. James got a little tired towards the end, so we cut back early and only did about 4 miles.

We've had a fair amount of rain over the last few days, so there were plenty of puddles for us to splash in. I bought a pair of wellies yesterday - my old ones are still in NY - they're just too cumbersome to bring across the ocean. The new ones are v. green and comfy, and James and I did extensive puddle testing.

Here we are at the beginning of the walk:

And here we are being 'dead trees,' along with the dead tree in the background. We didn't break into song (Three Cross-eyed Buzzards), but we thought about it.

The aforementioned puddle-experimentation:

A very fall-y and English-looking bridleway:

And then a rainbow. What, dear readers, does a rainbow mean? Especially when it's upwind of you? That the camera rapidly got put away because it started to POUR. Sideways. With intermittent hail. Man, were we wet. Rainbow was pretty, though.


C said...

The title of this post sounded like a quote from something so I googled it and what do you think came up? This post. Ha!

Looks like a wicked fun walk, rain and all :)

kat said...

Looks like a super fun walk :)
I walk in the rain all the time with the dogs... for some reason, I do not mind it!