Monday, April 9, 2012

Another honey cowl

You can't wear a scarf while bell ringing. It's too dangerous, since it could get caught in the rope and strangle you. Not ideal.

However, it is frequently very cold in bell towers. As would be expected, stone buildings with lots of windows are not easy to heat.

I've been wearing my Wintry Cowl a ton this winter - it's warm, a really pretty colour, and seems to go with everything. One of my bell buddies admired it, so I've made her one as a surprise. Thankfully, it's been super cold the last few weeks so she may still get some wear out of it before the summer.

I haven't given it to her yet (and she reads the blog). Hopefully I'll have a chance to give it to her before she reads this. Although she's not going to guess that it's for her...

I picked out a really pretty blue. This was my second third cast on (220 stitches...first one my tail was too short, second one was a moebius strip...not helpful when knitting). Details on Ravelry, for those of you so inclined.

Here it is, folded artistically (um, hi, this was really hard to photograph, since it's a flat strip of fabric).

I hope she likes it!

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