Saturday, April 21, 2012

New York Giants quilt: FINISHED!

Remember this quilt? You know, the New York Giants quilt for my uber-fan great aunt? Thought you did. Well it's all quilted, and has had its photo taken, and will be winging its way to New Jersey (via Boston, Rhode Island, and New York) with my mom when she goes home on Wednesday. 

Here it is, mid-quilting. The Giants fabric is from the wilds of the internets, the green is Kona Forest from Purl Soho, and the red, white and blue were from my stash. The red dots on the backing were from Ed's Rangers quilt, I think.

 Here is the back, taken at the British Larder, where we had an amazing lunch.

Here are a few outtakes from Snape Maltings (woo-wee, was it windy!)

Hold on to that quilt, Mom!

Ahh, perfection. Lovely quilt feet, too. I ended up straight-line quilting it (and not going over the NY with the quilting) in white on the yard lines and in between them, with my snazzy new walking foot. I took a little bit of artistic license with the number of yards - I think the field is only 75 yards long and rather skinny to actually play football on...

I hope she likes it (and that her Giants win the Super Bowl again in 2013)!

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