Saturday, April 14, 2012

A week's worth of ringing (with cake)

On Easter Monday I joined a group attempting four quarter-peals across the day. I joined them at lunchtime and was involved in the two afternoon attempts. We scored the quarter of Kent (my first attempt at a quarter of Kent and my first time ringing it without a minder!), but then missed the quarter of Grandsire Triples. Bah to the Grandsire Triples, as far as I'm concerned - I've now rung in two failed attempts, both times over 40 minutes. I'm going to count it as "I can ring that" and not bother with any more quarters!

The super-excellent quarter of Kent was dedicated as a birthday quarter for a college buddy (obligatory see-we-did-it photo of the visitor's book, below).

And obviously, when ringers are not ringing, we're EATING. (Or drinking, tea or otherwise). Mostly, it's eating, though.

This was the best Victoria sponge I've ever had. I'm going to have to ask for the recipe. Pardon the half-eaten picture - I was so taken with the cake that I had to photograph it, despite gnawing on it first.

Today we had a Ladies' Guild meeting at Helmingham. It was freezing (Was that it for spring, a few weeks ago? Did we miss it? Srsly?), and the bells were heavier than would have been ideal, but it was nice to ring on 8 with the Laydeeez.

The church is in the grounds of Helmingham Hall, and has numerous Tollemaches buried in and around it. This chap cracked me up - he's reclining along the side of the church, above some pews, with his eyes OPEN, looking like he's waiting for a servant to arrive with a glass of wine and some snacks. Too funny.

Also, this pious lot (note the guy on the second level), kneeling in formation for all eternity. They were a little dusty but otherwise fine. I really liked the skylight in the church (you can see it in the main picture) - it made everything really bright.

I really like how this picture of the Hall came out - I've seen the church from the grounds of the Hall but never the other way 'round!

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