Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I'm a Geek (but I'm marrying one so it's ok)

Cool discovery this afternoon: the Super Bowl commercials are on Google Video. Since that's the part I mostly watch anyway, I wholeheartedly enjoyed catching them without having to watch any football or dumb halftime shows.

We got a Skype Phone yesterday- it's really nice. As long as the computer is turned on (and we're logged in to Skype), we can call anyone in the US for about a penny a minute. We're also looking in to getting SkypeIn, where we would get a 914 (Westchestah...gotta represent!) number that rings in our flat. Aaaah...the miracles of modern technology.

We had a slight twist on gaming on Monday night...Mark brought Munchkin for us to play, which is basically a send-up of Dungeons and Dragons. And it's VERY funny and extremely entertaining. We were going to play as a warm-up to real gaming, but the Munchkin game lasted almost 3 hours, so we ended the evening by playing 3 rounds of Harry Potter Uno instead.

Book out. Munchkin's coming.

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C said...

You do realize that now you've publicly admitted to those phone rates, you're officially obligated to call me sometime ;)