Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Puttering around NYC

Had a really refreshing day in the city today- went in for lunch with church-Susan and bonded over burgers, bussed it down to midtown to visit my dad in his office (and meet the entire staff of OK! Magazine), then noodled around the garment district, looking for a tiara for the wedding (yes, I'm getting a tiara; no, we don't want to pay retail for it...), had some Starbucks and talked to John, went down to Chinatown to buy more noodle bowls for my parents, walked up to the Lower East Side to meet Emily for dinner at Katz's (yay for JEW FOOD!!), went back to Em's apartment in the WeVil, and then came back up to Grand Central and took the train home. Phew.

The funeral went very well yesterday- it was a really nice service and lots of people were there. It was comforting to know that Grandma was so loved by all the people she knew.

Two more days in New Yawk and then back to the UK on Wednesday night. There's kind of a lot to do in the next two days, but I didn't think that I was going to be here at all, so things should be fine.

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Emily Hannah! said...

WeVil? Must you make it sound like I live in a neighborhood infested with crop destroying bugs often found in cotton fields?!?! I live in the freaking Village, not rural Georgia!

That being said, I had a great time with you.