Friday, February 10, 2006

Redeemer Sermons

One of the things I miss most about the city is Redeemer, my church for the past 2 ½ years. Granted, the most important thing about the church is the community, and I'm still rebuilding that here. But the sermons are a huge part of the church too. Most churches, if you can't make it to the service, you have to make do with a tape or cd...not Redeemer! I have an mp3 subscription to the sermons, which means that I can log in to the Redeemer website once a week and download the previous week's sermon. I love being able to listen to the same message that I know my HFG is listening to in New really makes me feel connected.

In other news, work has been really busy. After struggling to create an Access database to catalog all our slides, I found out that my colleague is an Access whiz. Poof...a database! Now I only have 1500 more slides to enter and keyword. Lucky me. It's actually really satisfying, although it can be tricky to tell the east wing from the west wing (they're symetrical) when you don't know which way 'round the slide is meant to go.

I'm feeling a lot more relaxed lately...I was spending a lot of time feeling sorry for myself about what I thought I was missing in the US rather than enjoying all the things that are happening here. John called me on it (he always seems to know what I'm thinking)...and I realized that I was unhappy because I was focusing on making myself unhappy. Then I listened to Tim's sermon from few weeks ago where he talked about how self-centeredness destroys all the relationships we have- with God, with ourselves, and with those around us. It was a real eye-opener and I'm feeling a lot better for it.

I know that I've given up a lot in NYC (Saigon Grill, anyone?), but all the things that I've gained here are really adding up. The big things, like John & his family, the National Trust, and John's friends (and my new ones); and the small things, like curry-in-a-jar, endless cups of tea, long walks through the countryside, and Ribena. And if I'd never moved here, I'd never have started blogging. ACK!

BTW, I had my first tea-withdrawal headache the other day...I'd spent a few days drinking a LOT of tea, and then didn't have any at work (it was too cold to leave the office and stand in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil), and my head started pounding. I drank some water and felt better...but I'm hooked. :)

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Dad said...

Katie, loved your posting. What is HFG short for? I have complete sympathy with your slide catalog project. Are they all 35mm original slides? If so, you can always tell the "right way round" by inspecting the slide carefully in reflected light. One side will be very smooth and reflective; that's the "base" side. The other side will show little ridges and lines created by the different layers of color dyes, and that's the "emulsion" side. The emulsion side always faces the lens, and is held in the exact focal plane by the camera so that the image is sharp. So, when looking at the slide, always have the base side facing you and it will always be "right reading". (I did learn SOMETHING as a US Navy photographer...)

The snow from our most ever record breaking storm is disappearing quickly,, much to Rrufus' chagrin. Throwing the ball for him in the back yard is hilarious, he bounds through the drifts like a kangaroo, and won't come back without his ball no matter how much snow he has to dig through...with his nose. Sutton Manor roads are still one lane only, but should be fine by Friday with 51F temperatures and rain predicted. Love, Dad.