Wednesday, February 1, 2006

New addiction: BBC Radio

I have a confession to make...I was holding on to NPR and the New York Times as my main radio and news sources.

Today, I broke free. Ok, I still read the Times online every day (with my dad's login...he's a subscriber so I don't have to pay for the Times Select stuff...although I would pay if he didn't subscribe...not that anyone cares), but I've realized that I can get ALL the BBC radio stations with the BBC radio widget on my mac. You can get them, too, at the Beeb's website. (Or download the widget, for all you Tigers out there, at Apple.) It cracks me up that Brits refer to it as the Beeb. Very strange.

It's like having a whole radio's worth of NPR stations...I think I DO like England after all. :)

Stayed home today for the delivery of our new computer desk, which is super-adjustable and tucks nicely into the corner of our flat. Added bonus: we get to reclaim our dining room table. Hooray! I imagine we'll carry on eating dinner on our knees and the table will turn into a place where we put stuff, but it's nice to know that we can use it without unplugging all the computer stuff.

My Mom left for her annual ski trip with the girls this morning- they're off to Utah. V. jealous of all the powder and sun. John doesn't ski, so I'm on the lookout for ski buddies who are interested in a long weekend in the Alps. Not this year (I have NO money and my skis, etc. are at home), but next year. Email me.


Anonymous said...

Did you say "skiing"?

Name the dates, name the place. I'll be there.

Especially after a winter spent in the tropics -- I think I'll have relocate to ski-territory next year.


Anonymous said...

Please don't confuse the Venerable Beeb with the Venerable Bede although both had an involvement in public service only one is still relevant. I refer of course to the Venerable Bede. Joking aside it’s worth tuning into Radio 3 where the announcers still sound like they wear their Tuxedos when broadcasting and of course you cannot miss Radio 4 for gems like “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” and “Old Harry’s Game”. Ah heck I reveal myself as an addict as well. Tune in, turn on, bliss out.