Monday, February 20, 2006

London Olympics

Ok, so it's not 2012 yet. But I spent the whole weekend in London watching the Olympics. Sarah (from Colby) was visiting, and John was working in London, so we all went down on Friday. Went to a museum on Friday afternoon, and felt kind of cruddy on Friday night, but I figured I was just tired. I ended up with a flu-y thing that I still haven't quite shaken, and spent the better part of the weekend in bed in the hotel watching everyone in Turin on TV.

It was pretty entertaining, although watching 2-man bobsledding in a blizzard is like watching paint dry. You can't really see them, they all look the same anyway, and the track is mostly covered by tarp-thingys. Yee haw!

Going home on Wednesday- I'm knackered at the thought of going home, coming back a week later, going home again after 3 more weeks, coming back after 2, and then going home again for the wedding. If anyone figures out how to teleport or travel by Floo powder, please call me.

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Dad said...

Kate, right on about the Olympics. TV viewers here are NOT watching in record numbers. Also, it seems our American team has been overwhelmed with arrogance and bravado, and when the rubber meets the road, they're not as good as they tell the world they are. Bode Miller is a jerk, and a loser in the true sense of the word.

Looking forward to seeing you on arrival tonight at JFK. I know the feeling about the international travel across time zones; now you appreciate how I felt commuting to Asia with 17 hour nonstop flights and 12 hour differences in time! We'll see you tonight, call Mom on her cell as soon as you land, and we'll pick you up UPSTAIRS at the departures area to avoid the chaos of American Airlines arrivals in the evening. Love,