Friday, February 24, 2006

Phone call from Lochearn

Got home on Wednesday night- I had an easy (and not too full) flight. It's good to be home but I miss England. Spent yesterday doing errands and then went in to the city for dinner with Ellice (Saigon Grill- YUM!) and fellowship group. It was great to see everyone and catch up with what they're doing.

I was lounging around this morning, when the phone rang. Turns out it was Laura, the "perpetual camper" (as my mother calls her) from Lochearn. She's organizing a camp reunion in September (which I won't be able to make), and was calling old numbers to see if she could track down some Lochearn Lassies. So not only were my parents not in Florida, but I was here and answered the phone. Crazyness. She initially asked to speak with my mom, since she had assumed that I would have moved out of the house and would be somewhere far away. It was funny...I recognized her voice right away. I think she was as surprised to talk to me as I was to hear from her. We had a rare old chat, anyway. :)

Now I'm officially on the Lochearn Alumnae email list, and she's going to email me with the contact info of one of my old camp buddies who lives in England who I've lost touch with. Yahoo!!

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