Sunday, April 30, 2006

Train Geeks

It's a three-day weekend because of May Day on Monday, hooray! John and James and I went to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway Museum today and took lost of pictures of the trains and train geeks. They have about half a mile of track, and they have a steam engine that goes back and forth on various afternoons throughout the year. It was a fun few hours, and we took lots of pictures.

John has also been making a lot of raisin bread (from scratch). It's SO good...I'll never go back to store-bought.

Lynn (my NT/Stowmarket mom) mentioned that she'd heard about a job at the Aldeburgh festival (kind of like Tanglewood, about 30 minutes from Stowmarket). I've checked out the website and will definitely be applying. Fingers crossed.

Went back to the Stowmarket Baptist Church this morning- another humdinger of a sermon. I'm definitely going to keep going (and look into joining).

John's going to be in London for 2 of the next three weeks for the big office move. Yuck. If anyone wants to come over for dinner (or invite me over), let me know. I'm stocking up on library books but it's going to get a little lonely around here.

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