Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chicken Soup and Rrufus

I'm feeling a little better (my sore throat is down to a dull roar and the headache is gone), but John is feeling worse. Yuck. We're both home today, taking turns warming up chicken soup on the stove. If anyone knows where we can get good matzo ball soup in Suffolk, call me.

In other news, having my mac back means that I have a chance to catch up on my Redeemer sermons. Hooray for 15 hours of Tim Keller ahead of me! :)

I've posted a picture of Rrufus that John took...awww.

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon both of you!!

I'm off tomorrow afternoon for my short trip to Cornwall, but will write soon with Tales from Camelot.

Cute pic! love M x