Thursday, June 15, 2006


Football. England football, to be exact. I was in Stowmarket this afternoon at about 4:15 and all of a sudden the town completely emptied out. And then I remembered, at 5pm, the England vs. Trinidad & Tobago match started. The whole country completely stopped. And we don't have a tv. I would have felt really strange going to a pub to watch the match without John (he's working in London today), so I listened to the webcast on BBC Radio. I think we might need to get a small tv. Or schedule watching times at other peoples' houses. Since EVERYONE watches football. Listening to it on the radio isn't bad, though. Even when the halftime newscast includes a traffic report that consisted of: "There's really no traffic out there, Bob. Everyone's at home watching the match! Which is where I'm headed. Bye!"

By the way, England won the match, 2-0. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!! Second round ass-whupping, here we come.

BTW, America sucks at soccer.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - but America is better at everything else! :)