Thursday, June 22, 2006

Getting the "In Sickness" part out of the way

John and I are finally starting to see the end of the tunnel, flu-wise. I'm feeling much better and will be going to work tomorrow (having been sick since last Friday). John's come down with a sinus infection, but he headed to our friendly neighborhood NHS branch this morning and they hooked him up with some antibiotics, so he'll be fine in a few days. We're getting a little sick of the inside of our flat, and are rapidly running out of reading material.

It looks like David Pogue has found a way for me to watch Good Eats from the UK...I just have to hook up some $300 kit to mom and dad's tv when I'm home next. Well, maybe I won't, but it's nice to know I can. I imagine that within 5 years it'll all be available over web streaming anyway...not necessarily live, but I'm not going to to stay up until 3am to watch AB anyway. Speaking of whom, I was on his website yesterday and he's broken his clavicle in a motorbike accident. Poor AB...feel better!

We were supposed to go to the annual Ickworth staff picnic last night, but my trip into town for more asprin necessitated a 2-hour nap, we didn't go. I'd gotten all sorts of food in for the picnic, though, so I made "Coronation Chicken," a v. British dish that's basically curried chicken salad. Chicken, mayo, curry powder, celery, and melon. It was pronounced yummy by John...I'll be making it again soon. On Tuesday night I had a spurt of energy and made salmon with tomato was really summery and'll be seeing it if you come over for dinner.

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