Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Divine Secrets of Suffolk Music

Finished Ya-Yas...it was REALLY good. Liz, you're right...it would have made a great book club read. I'm on to the sequels now.

Went in to London today to pick the brains of a few Chester/Novello peeps...they've given me some good leads for suffolk/norfolk/cambridgeshire music orgs. There are going to be a lot of emails going out in the next few days.

Dad, I definitely remember the steam shows at Thorpe Hall...we're going to take James up to run on the ride-behind steam trains on that little track. I'd found a link to it last fall but it's gone again.

John and I went to the Stowmarket Model Railway Club tonight...he'll probably be going back. They were a nice group of guys. I see more trains in our future...

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