Monday, July 10, 2006

Can the London Symphony Orchestra relocate?

Checked all my job sites this morning, and the ABO (Assoc. of British Orchestras- the equivalent of the American Symphony Orchestra League) is listing the following job:

London Symphony Orchestra
Orchestral Assistant

This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with the London Symphony Orchestra. Working with both the Orchestra’s Personnel Manager and the Librarian, the Orchestral Assistant will help with the smooth running of both these functions.

It's totally my dream job, but it would only pay £19k at the top end, and it requires evening and weekend work. There's NO way I can do it from Stowmarket. If I were (independently wealthy and) living in central London, I'd be there. But I was looking at house prices as I was walking past an estate agent's in Knightsbridge, and the small 2-beds are going for more than a million pounds. Where do people get all that money from?? But to get back on track, it would cost me more than 50% of my post-tax income to GET to work. Not gonna happen...I don't even really want to apply for it because then if I get it I'll either turn it down and regret it or take it and regret it more. Just not applying isn't ideal either, but I can't bear to get all excited about it and spend ages on the application.

I worked at Ickworth on Saturday in reception (we had the usual cast of people who wanted to discuss at length why their Great Aunt Mabel HATES New York and it's horrible, along with the ones who think I'm Canadian), and then went down to London for the rest of the weekend.

I was a tourist yesterday and went to the Tate Modern and evensong at St. Paul's, then John and I watched the football. I was rooting for France but Zidane's little headbutting episode really soured the whole thing. I have pics from my museum escapades (was at the V&A today)...I'll post them as soon as they're uploaded.

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