Monday, July 10, 2006

Tate & St. Paul...

Here is a picture of some (completely mad) people coming out of a kayak trip on the Thames. Couldn't pay me to do that one.

On Sunday, I started off at the Tate Modern (having been to the Tate Britain on a previous trip- thanks Liz!). It was converted to an art museum from a disused power station in 2000, and only has art post-1900. Good stuff! It's a damn ugly building from the outside but really well done on the inside.

The main entrance hall:

I then walked across the Millennium Bridge, which also has a sound installation where the wind and foot noise from the bridge is harnessed and then piped into the lobby above, making a REALLY cool noise, and to St. Paul's for evensong. The singing was great, and the sermon was very good. We even got to sing a few hymns...singing in St Paul's is like singing in a v. large bathtub- you suddenly sound very full and echoey. I could get used to it!

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Neorelix said...

I like the pictures of the M Bridge and the Tate. Makes me think I should visit again soon. Nice blog btw - I'll be back!