Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's A Man's Job? Hah!

John and James and I had quite a day yesterday...we found a new lunch place in Stowmarket- it's called Tall Orders and it's very coffeeshop-y. John had a baked potato with some spicy veggies on it, James had a Cajun chicken wrap, and I had a lox baguette. It was ALMOST a New York Brunch...yum! I've walked past it a zillion times but never actually gone in.

We then trundled off to the Stowmarket Carnival, which was better than we thought it would be. They had rides and displays and food stalls and various other things. We bought a watercolor painting that I really like- it's very blue with white sailboats, and is very clear and crisp. It's hanging in the front hall (after John and James informed me that hanging pictures was "a man's job," John in jest and James in seriousness. I told them both that that was a completely unacceptable thing to say to a woman, and then climbed back down off my soapbox.

Freda and I were discussing the fact that when we were little, we used to play ball games constantly, since I was teaching James to play Butts Up against Freda and Travis' house. He doesn't have much in the way of hand-eye coordination, but I think it's because he never plays any ball games at school...they just wander around in the playground. I wish there were some other kids around here that he could play with...Edward and I were ALWAYS outside running around or riding our bikes or throwing things at each other. Hopefully when we buy a house (after I get a job...), there'll be kids in the neighborhood.

Not sure why I'm feeling so soapbox-y today.

In other news, I found a pattern for making comfy pants out of an old tshirt. John's t-shirts had better watch out. I have some old ones that I never wear any more, but they're all in New Ro.

I've applied for a job at a theatre in Ipswich...they were advertising for a Marketing and Outreach Assistant, which would be a good way to at least get my toe in to the classical music scene. They don't have MUCH music, but they do have some.

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