Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nautical quilt - finished!

All done! I finished the quilting earlier this week and was just waiting for enough light to take a picture. It's going to cross the Atlantic later this week to meet its new owner!

Before it goes, I took it on a short field trip to the beach for a photo shoot. I love the texture of the pebbles with the texture of the free-motion quilting.


Halfpenny Home said...

What a fab photo Kate! Love the quilt, really effective quilting. Nic x

Vivren said...

I love the beach pic!! I need full size pics of my quilts. Maybe I can get the recipients to take some for me.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photo and brilliant quilt Kate, well done! You should make more (all sorts) and sell them on ebay, you are so talented.
Happy new year to you three
Michelle x