Monday, January 31, 2011

Olde English Marmalade

Well. I love marmalade. A lot. So when Waitrose Weekend featured a "you should make marmalade this weekend" recipe, my first reaction after "Who, me?" was "Sure!"

I procured some Seville oranges and preserving sugar and set off. See the recipe? Could you have resisted? Thought not.

I had a little trouble in several places.

  • The recipe says "cut the peel as thickly as you like." This is not true. Cut the peel into teeny tiny slices. Super-teeny-tiny or semi-teeny-tiny are both fine.
  • The recipe asks for a square of muslin to hold the pits and pith while you boil the peel. Don't use a cloth napkin or dishtowel. It won't work. And you'll make the dishtowel very sticky and yucky and you will spend several hours trying to de-stick and de-yuck it.
  • I think I might have burned the marmalade. It certainly tastes rather caramelised, and didn't reach setting point after 25 minutes. Husband thinks I should have been stirring while boiling. Not sure on this one.

In the pan, cooking the peel:

Boiling the marmalade to get it to set:

Anybody want some slightly-over-caramelised EXTREMELY thick-cut marmalade? There's only so much a girl can eat...

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Halfpenny Home said...

Ah Kate, I always do it the Nigella way in which you cook whole oranges then depulp them before slicing the peel as it makes it much, much easier! I however think that even not perfect homemade is a million times better than 'perfect' shop bought....Nic x