Monday, January 10, 2011

OMG, yarn!

Pav and her husband (Mr. Pav?) came to visit! All the way from Australia to Stowmarket (well, Bury St Edmunds, really).

I think this picture sums up the whole weekend rather well. Pav, with a Guinness, knitting in a pub. My Aspalls cyder in the foreground. Sigh. The impression we got from our assembled hangers-on (husbands, mostly), was that we were either talking about knitting, wool, or books, or were about to start. What? There are other things to talk about? Nah!

I picked them up in Stowmarket on Saturday, in the early afternoon. We went to Bury, grabbed some lunch, and then went for a walk in the Abbey Gardens. The boys decided to go investigate the pub situation, so Pav and I went to Wibbling Wools and wibbled for a while. And then went to the pub. And then stayed at the pub for dinner. And then I came home and hung out with the husband and read some more of Mockingjay (which was great), and went to sleep.

Then on Sunday, Team Pav and I went to Aldeburgh, "to the beach." Now, Team Pav live in Australia, near a beach with sand and sun and blue water. We had sun, but it was rocks & blue-ish-brown water all the way. And it was FREEZING! We saw the sun for the first time in days and days and days, though, which was great. I felt like a little mole, squinting at the light, trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible while not freezing to death.

After the reaction from Pav when I mentioned that there was a Real Live Actual Historical Castle (aka Framlingham Castle) on the way home, we had to stop and see it. We didn't walk around on top of the walls, but we went on an extremely muddy circumnavigation of the keep. Squelch. Eew!

And then, because she's awesome, she brought me some hand-spun (by her own fair hands) skeins, to knit with. I think I might do a smallish cowl, or possibly a headband. There is a skein of alpaca, a skein of silk, and a skein with the two mixed together. The two with alpaca were dyed with tea. LOVE.

Pav & Mr. Pav are now continuing their circumnavigation of the globe - next stop, New York! (Jealous, since I had to go back to work today, which is markedly less fun than globetrotting or going on Adventures in Suffolk.) Have fun, guys!


Halfpenny Home said...

Oh, what a fab weekend - knitting in the pub - perfect! I think that the headband would be perfect and suit you very well - promise to show me if you make it?
Tea hmmmm, we've not dyed with that for a while....see you soon, Nic x

Vivren said...

HAND SPUN YARN! I'm so jealous!!

Pav said...

Thank you again for a GREAT weekend! Got to my parent's place late monday night and have been blobbing around with jetlag. Really want to post on my blog about the weekend as well, but can't get my laptop to accept the internet here and have been borrowing my sister's laptop when she's not looking :-)
Snowed 12 inches over night and is still coming down very hard. NY, but snowbound! Going to suit up soon and go shovel the walkway.
Missing the UK!!