Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: A Conspiracy of Kings

**We interrupt this blog posting for a short notice, for Kate's immune system.**

Attention, Kate's immune system. A friend who lives in Australia and is currently circumnavigating the globe is coming to visit StowmarKate this weekend. That tickly cold-y feeling WILL be gone by Saturday at approximately 11am, and you will NOT be bombarding said friend (or her lovely husband) with your Evil English Germs.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Right...on to the real stuff. This month's Waitrose Kitchen magazine featured some new soups that they have in the store - don't these look awesome? Mmmm. The only one missing, as far as I can see, is Matzoh ball soup. I shall buy one, slurp it, be disappointed (I tend not to like packaged soup), and let you all know how I suffered.

I needed a small break from Wolf Hall (which I'm now enjoying), so I read the final book in The Thief series, A Conspiracy Of Kings, by Megan Whalen Turner. I liked the first one the best, but I thought this one was good. I realised, though, that I had interrupted medieval (well, Tudor) royal drama with medieval (ish, Fantasy-ized) royal  drama. Oops.

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