Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pizza at home

I'm from New York. Therefore, I like pizza. However, Stowmarket does not have a good pizza delivery place.

John took it upon himself to make me feel "at home" very early on after I moved to the UK. One of the first things he made was pizza. Which I liked, but didn't think it tasted exactly right. After lots of trial and error (I know, such a chore!) and yummy homemade pizzas, John discovered that the trick is to use "00" flour. And turn the oven up to max. And use pizza stones. And not overload the pizzas with toppings.


He makes the dough 24 hours ahead and lets it rest & ferment and bubble.

Then he kneads/rolls it out at the last minute.

And then I got distracted by the toppings and the eating and didn't take any more pictures!

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