Sunday, May 15, 2011


My fabric stash was getting a little bit out of control. Embarrassing pictures, below:

Shudder. I couldn't find anything, and any time I wanted to pull fabric out for a project, it made a mess of the rest of the pile.

I asked Pinterest what to do, and found this tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots. Having a 13-year-old stepson who loves going to the comic book store has its advantages, apparently!

The newly organised stash includes a green seed-head printed linen from Karlsson Designs that's destined to be napkins and some teatowels, and a long-lost Japanese bicycle print that I'd forgotten I owned. It was still all folded up in the Purl Soho (where I haven't been in at LEAST 2 years) bag. Oops.

C'mon - don't you love that little red bicycle? With those clouds? Sigh. Thanks, Pinterest!

I've started reading Sherlock Holmes on my Kindle - I've found that I can only really read it in short bursts, as the stories seem to be a little repetitive and Sir A.C. Doyle is NOT giving his readers all of the information to solve the puzzle before Sherlock does. Bah. I think it may also be a case of Post-Discovery-Of-Witches trauma. It's tough to follow a star...

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