Sunday, May 22, 2011

We helped out at the Blind National Sailing Championships yesterday at EAST. They had fabulous weather, great wind, and happy volunteers (and extremely happy sailors). 

Since Ms. Kanga still has many weeks of work before she goes in the water (mostly reattaching the assorted fittings that we took off to redo the deck), we thought we'd go down to EAST and at least help out. I ended up taking hundreds of pictures of the sailing (and the volunteers), which we'll bring over on a DVD shortly.

I've been a serial book-abandoner since I finished A Discovery Of Witches - I gave up on Alone In Berlin (too grim), One Day (characters were driving me crazy), The Tiger's Wife (generally meh), and Embers (I couldn't decide where the book was going so I gave up).

Oh dear. I have the newest 44 Scotland Street novel from Alexander McCall Smith, The Importance of Being Seven, which I know I'll love. I also have the third of the Black Magician trilogy, by Trudi Canavan, so I'll be fine. Canavan was at the Bury St Edmunds branch of Waterstones last week and I didn't find out about it until after the fact. FML. I've tried to get on a list for events in local bookshops and there isn't one. I forget to check their website and then miss awesome things like Authors I Love Who Live In Australia And Hardly Ever Go On Book Tours. Bah.

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