Thursday, March 2, 2006

Matzo ball soup

Arrived this morning in London after an uneventfully empty flight, nursing the most monstrous cold I've had in a while. We flew in right over central London, which with clear skies was absolutely gorgeous. My camera was buried at the bottom of my bag so I didn't take any pics, but it was truly awesome. The pic above is from the BBC website, but is pretty close to what we saw today.

Zoomed through immigration and met John, where he whisked me into the car, presented me with a box of uber-lotiony kleenex and this neat Lemsip Flu Powder (haha...Floo Powder) that disolves on your tongue. I conked out somewhere along the M11 and woke up in Bury, just in time for us to zip in to the grocery store so we won't starve over the next few days. And to get ice cream which made my throat feel WAAAY better.

John made bangers and spuds for lunch while I showered and got all de-airplaned, and then I lay down on the couch with the duvet to keep warm and read. Conked out for most of the afternoon/evening...I know it's bad jet-lag procedure, but I feel too yucky to care.

Just woke up to chicken soup that John warmed up. Wasn't quite as restorative as Katz's Matzo ball soup, but it was pretty darn close.

Dad: John and I both read OK! cover to cover (and are now fully up to date with the celebrity goings-on)...the paper on the newer issue feels a little glossier and heavier...did you change it or do we have issues that were printed at different plants?


Emily Hannah! said...

You're fucking adorable. I'm REALLY REALLY glad you'll be back in 3 weeks. Any longer and I'd 'splode.

Dad said...

Hi Kate, glad to hear you are back and resting, and enjoying OK! You are EXTREMELY discerning about the paper in OK this week. Normal body stock is basis weight 38 pounds(which means that one ream, or 500 sheets, which measure 25 inches by 36 inches, weighs 38#'s...) That's what we have been using for every issue, except for the past two or three. It seems that Haindl paper (you've been there, remember?) had a special sale price on 40.5# basis weight due to an overstock, and we bought that and have used it for the last two issues. Hard for the civilian to tell, but I guess your travels around the world with a Dad who is a production expert has qualified you to discern the smallest difference. Sales are way up for the last two weeks, due to the Cover, redesign, and $1.99 promotional price. All good news!

Cold here today, but the sun is higher in the sky every day. Snow from the storm day after you left is mostly melted...Call when you can. Love,