Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Lady of Leisure for the Day

Decided that Ickworth does not pay me enough to work 5 days a week without taking any days off (except when I go to NY), so as both of my bosses were out today, I took the day off. Drove John in to Bury, ran some errands (got new and fun accessories for my new sewing machine), called Apple UK to no avail (Evan, I'm just not MEAN enough, I think), then cashed in my long-awaited pedicure that Andrea got me for my birthday last fall. She called a beauty salon in Ipswich, ordered a gift certificate for a pedicure, had it mailed to NY, and off I went. They hadn't heard of putting flip-flops on before putting the polish on, but other than that it was super-relaxing and otherwise awesome. Pedicures are an uber-luxury in the UK, so the thought that people would have them as often as the average NYC-er is completely scandalous.

Had a cuppa with Freda and Travis, then headed back to Bury to meet John for dinner and toodle off to Bury Bach Choir. Next week we're having an open rehearsal, in case anyone wants to come. Email me.

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Emily Hannah! said...

And in Mac land on this side of the pond...

I went to the genius bar last night. While Sean was able to get the thing up and running enough to get my data off, the harddrive is apparently busted, and apple wants to blame me because a corner of the case is dinged-apple's repair costs? An estimated $900, minimum. So...the saga continues. I think I need a pedicure after that news!

I miss you lots :-*