Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend of Nesting

Finally caught up with the Horringer Badminton Club on Friday night- we were invited to play by a couple of my choir friends. They play just around the corner from where the Bach Choir rehearses, and it's a pretty varied group. I think I was the youngest there, with the eldest being about 75. The 75-year-old has a killer drop shot, btw. John and I badmintoned ourselves for an hour an a half, then collapsed in a heap with pints at the Horringer Social Club. According to Tibor (my choir buddy), badminton is an excuse to go out drinking on Friday night. The Social Club has been deemed "cheaper than the pub," so it's the place to be after badminton.

John and I both woke up feeling like cripples on Saturday morning...we are both really out of shape and badminton is quite a workout. John had to go in to work for most of the day, so I slept in, ordered a whole slew of books from the Stowmarket library, then toodled in to town to do some errands. When John got home, we decided to try the Indian restaurant in Stowmarket- it's called Radhuni (yes, Ian and Caroline, we will be taking you there), and it was REALLY good. Yay for yummy curry! Then we went to the Stowmarket Regal (oldest movie theatre ever...definitely NOT the Loews 42nd St) and saw The World's Fastest Indian It was a great movie (a little cheesy, but not too bad), and we really enjoyed it. We walked (ok, limped) home, and I was distinctly reminded of NYC- walk to dinner, walk to a movie, walk home. I love it.

John went to work again today, so I decided to go to church at the Stowmarket Baptist Church (feeling v. wary after last week's debacle). I was immediately welcomed by the people sitting around me, and the music was great, the sermon was really good (and very Tim Keller-y). I'll definitely be back. At the end of the service, the woman I'd been sitting next to (reasonably elderly, but v. sweet) asked what I was doing for the rest of the day, since I'd mentioned that John was working. When I said, "Eeh, just some errands and stuff," she immediately invited me over for lunch. She lives in an assisted living facility (Grandma Minnie, you're missin' out), and had made a cold lunch platter for her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. They were all really nice and were happy to make room at the table for the random American that Grandma found at church. We all had a really nice time and I stayed behind to help her wash the dishes, then headed home.

I'm going to take John next week (barring any unforseen circumstances). It's not Redeemer, but it's pretty darn close.

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