Sunday, April 9, 2006

Spring Lambs

John and James and I went to Felixstowe again yesterday- we wanted to play more minigolf. John and I had a v. intense match last week- I choked at the last minute and we tied. We asked at the Tourist Info office and were pointed in the direction of the two other courses, which were...interesting. The first one was right on the water and hadn't seen any maintenance in yonks...the golf balls got blown all over the place, and as you stepped on the turf to square up to the ball, the turf sagged and the ball rolled towards you. Hmmm... The second one was at the back of a v. seedy arcade hall, and involved a lot of blacklight and techno music. It was the best-designed of the three, but the music and sheer randomness of it made it v. weird. I remember playing a lot of minigolf in Norfolk when I was a kid- we'll have to take a day trip up and see how things go.

Freda and Travis came over for dinner tonight- I made the world famous Hughes family Mushroom Logs, which went over very well. We've served them at every holiday since the dawn of time. Last Christmas, my mom decided that it was time for something new and made other hors d'oeuvres. Needless to say, anarchy ensued. Then I made Claire MacDonald's Lamb with Tomatoes and Pesto, which was really good. Got the lamb from the butcher in Needham Market, who hasn't failed us yet. Brownies for dessert...everyone was happy. We got to use our new placemats and serving dishes and mixing bowls and teatowels- we're positively drowning in kitchen stuff!

Speaking of lamb, the spring lambs have arrived at Ickworth and they're so funny to watch. They're just so darn excited to be alive- they waggle their little tails and spring around on their spindly legs and generally frolic. I'd forgotten how entertaining they are...they weren't really a feature of my commute in NY.

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Caroline said...

I LOVE Felixstowe crazy golf! Ian and I started visiting all the local and not so local CG courses a couple of years ago as we are always up for avoiding DIY and housework by means of aimless coastal excursions with a hint of some (not always healthy) competition! There is a super outdoors 18 hole CG course in Great Yarmouth - how about getting together for a CG-fest one weekend this summer - maybe after your return from the US when you're "Herded"! Will call you later about getting together at some point over Easter weekend or the following week.