Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Shop 'til I Drop

Ickworth is in the middle of some staffing transitions at the gift shop on the property, and so I'm filling in. I've had 2 days of training in the shop and will be managing it tomorrow. It's completely exhausting standing and being cheerful all day...it's like being a camp counselor, but with more grownups and money.

I feel a little thrown into it, but I've taken copious notes so I should be able to figure stuff out. Under no circumstances is anyone to come in and try and pay with a gift certificate, though...I'm not sure what to do with them.

We've had some real prizewinners over the last two days, though. Someone yesterday was buying a £1.50 bag of candy, and after we put the whole transaction through, said, "Oh, wait, I'm a volunteer at another property and I get a discount." So we had to figure out how to void the first transaction, look up all the codes for the discounts, and then put the transaction through again. All to save her 15p. Stupid cow.

I'm not sure I have the patience for retail...we'll see how it goes. At least there will be lots of good stories to blog about. :)

We went to Felixstowe and Woodbridge on Sunday and took some pics...here they are!

The beach houses at Felixstowe.

The Woodbridge Marina

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Anonymous said...

Katie Kate!

I can totally sympathise with your frustration with retail! I never had to deal with out of hand children (thank God!), but adults can be just as bad. From polishing silver and hanging up MOUNTAINS of clothing at Saks to making gift baskets and packing boxes for shipping at the wine store, I came away with a few valuable pieces of advice. 1- Get a COMFORTABLE pair of shoes that you can wear all day, every day. 2- People miscount money all the time. This includes employees. 3- Always give the credit card back to the customer as soon as you've swiped it. (Otherwise you run through the Stamford Mall trying to find them to give it back.) 4- You'll do something else someday where you'll interact with computers more than people... then you'll both love and hate the fact that you're not in retail anymore.

Happy selling,

PS- I never learned what to do with gift certificates, either!! :-)