Friday, April 14, 2006

Sewing Machines and Air Guns

Today was a glorious spring day- about 60 and sunny all day. It's a 4 day weekend in the UK because of Easter, so we picked up James in Ipswich and then headed back to Freda and Travis' for lunch. I'd mentioned to Freda that I needed to borrow her sewing machine for a little bit of mending (a tea towel bit the dust), and she said that she'd brought her extra one from the boat back for me. It turned out to be a 1950's Singer Featherweight (I dated it with the serial number). It's in perfect condition and is gorgeous. It doesn't do zigzags or anything crazy, but it's a beautiful little machine and it works perfectly. John should watch out...we're going to have new curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, and custom slipcovers for all the furniture before he knows it.

After our decidedly girly sewing machine session, we went outside with Travis, John, and James, who were taking turns firing the air rifle at some empty plastic containers. I'd kind of prided myself on being a cosmopolitan liberal who'd never fired a gun, but that all went out the window with the air rifle. I'm now to be known as Calamity Kate, according to John. It was really cool...I shot and killed my very own yogurt pot. I'm glad I'm not a rabbit in Travis' garden,'s somewhat infested with them, despite Travis' very accurate shooting abilities. I'm going to be a little skeptical if Freda serves us rabbit stew for lunch...


Anonymous said...

bunnies...rabbits...all very fitting for easter weekend blog...glad you're having fun!

'i thought I saw a bunny wabbit...'
Ah! Do I miss all those classic cartoons.

M x

April 1930s said...

I found you by doing a Singer Featherweight search on Blogger - so, have you sewed anything yet? I love mine! :)