Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ally Pally

Yesterday John and I drove down to London to go to the Model Engineering show at Alexandra Palace. The show was pretty neat, even if it was, as John said, a shadow of its former self. Apparently he went with his dad when he was a kid and it was HUGE. Or maybe he was just smaller...

Either way, on their website they make a big production of how EASY it is to get there. If by easy to get there they mean that you must have a London A-Z street map and be a reasonably skilled navigator, then yes, it was fab. Part of our problem was that there was a road closure on the M25 that they didn't tell you about until you were on top of it, but it could have been worse. We saw 2 signs for the palace on the whole trip - one was a sign pointing off into nowhere and the other was a sign pointing towards the palace, about half a mile away. Problem with that one? We could SEE the palace at the end of that road. Good job, guys.

Here I am at the show (we did actually get there), driving a model tank. They were really 5 minutes to drive around and shoot other tanks. :)

Here's the outside of the building:

I have more pictures but Blogger has decided to stop cooperating...will post them soon.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pictures, sounds like a fun thing to do on a winter weekend in warm and sunny England! Never did get there, but always noticed the building from the train on the way home.