Sunday, January 7, 2007

Carbo Loading

John and I have had quite a day. After watching The Prince And Me last night (SO BAD...stay away from it), John made pancakes this morning. We used the Food Network Kitchens recipe - I thought they were so good that they didn't need syrup and John thought they were a bit too sweet. Here's the recipe

Here's one in the pan:

And on my plate (look how fluffy it is!!)

And about to be devoured by John:

After our pancakestravaganza, we went to Felixstowe to meet up with Leanne and her partner. We went out to the seafront, where we admired chavs in their native habitat and ate greasy, salty, glorious chips.

Me and Leanne, looking, as John says, 'windswept and interesting.'

Apparently Leanne has interesting taste in seaside snacks. Standard fare? Fish & chips, ice cream, cotton candy, etc. Leanne? Krab Sticks. You know, those fake crab sticks that are pink and white and sometimes go in sushi. Yeah, those. She bought a bag of 10 (in the sort of translucent bags that fish come in) from a fish vendor who was also selling NORMAL snacks like cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce and cockles in a thousand island-y dressing. And then she ate them all. And then she had a hamburger. With onions. How she eats it all and where she puts it, we'll never know...

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