Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cooking and Ducking

OK, in no particular order:

1. Fred & George

2. Peking & L'Orange

3. Ginko & Biloba

I've also made further strides in the 'cook something new every week' resolution. I made a butternut squash/spinach/bacon pasta thing tonight - it was pretty good but I think it put both John and me over the butternut squash threshold. We've had a it a lot and I think it's time for a new winter veg. Suggestions gladly taken. :)


Elizabeth McNamara Mueller said...

Go Peking and L'Orange! Though I like G&B also...

mark said...

Sweet potato?

Damn that was constructive.

Jamie said...

hm. apricot chicken, broccoli sauted in garlic and olive oil, with either roasted garlic mashed potatoes, baked sweets or fluffy rice. :) it's very easy and super yummy, not to mention healthy. let me know if you want the apricot chicken recipe. :)