Monday, January 29, 2007

I have 2 PINK driving licenses!!

My second pink driving license has arrived - yee haw! Not only is my NY one pink, but my new and shiny Brit one is, too. I may or may not look like a drug dealer in my photo, but that's ok. I'll only have the license until I'm...75.

Oh, and it's Radio 1 week at work again. For you non-brits, it's a Top 10-ish playlist with REALLY annoying DJs. Not sure where they find the knuckle-trailers who call in, either. They play the same 5 songs OVER and OVER and's completely soul-shredding. And the sound comes in through the walls of our office (we don't have speakers in there, thankfully), so all we get is the bass and some of the louder lyrics. I've asked for it to be turned off but I think that there will be a snowy pig flying through hell the day it happens...

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