Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crazy week

John and I have had a busy few days - Monday night I had a committee meeting for Choir, so I left work, went to the supermarket, picked up dinner, heated up my dinner, ate it, picked up John from the station, dropped him at home, and then blasted back to Bury for the meeting. It was like when I used to run around all day at Colby - I'd leave the room at 7am and not come back until 11pm. Phew.

Then last night Sandy came round and we had a great evening chatting and hanging out. John originally intended to mess around with some servers and stuff, but got totally sucked in to our conversation and ended up hanging out with us, too, which was fun.

Tonight was our second St Matthew Passion rehearsal, and then tomorrow I have my first physio appointment - I've had real back/shoulder problems since starting my job in August and it's time to get it sorted out. And then Friday we're picking up James for the weekend. No rest for the weary.

At least I'm not running a marathon this weekend....GO ANDREA GO!!!

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