Monday, January 1, 2007

Nowhere to go but up!

We had a great time with Ian & Caroline last night - we all chatted and laughed and ate fantastic food. And got carried away with the drinking. Caroline's friend introduced her to a cocktail which is 2 parts Baileys and 1 part Cointreau. There were two problems with this: 1. The drink tastes like a chocolate orange and goes down VERY fast and 2. It's BLOODY strong.

Yeah...I was having some issues this morning. I spent the whole day on the couch, reading, after a somewhat exciting car trip back from Ipswich. John was a model hubby, making sure I was drinking water and feeding me crackers when I decided at 4pm that I might want to eat something. And then he made my favorite dinner, the famous leek & potato surprise. Whattaguy!

On the bright side, I have nowhere to go but up for the year in terms of waking up and feeling like shit.

My parents have a similar 'that was really yummy but now we want to die and we're never going to drink anything ever again' of our neighbors had a Mardi Gras party in the early 80s (I was about a year old, Edward was still a glimmer), where some delicious but completely toxic punch was served. Apparently mom and dad spent the day taking turns to make sure I was being changed and fed at semi-regular intervals, while the other one slept. The rest of the neighborhood was in a similar state, except that mom and dad were the only ones with an infant - everyone else's kids were either teenagers or not born yet. Lucky them.

I'm also making a few new year's resolutions:

1. To run a 5K this summer with the Tesco Race for Life (Andrea's inspired me with all her marathoning)

1 1/2: To lose enough weight so that I can wear my favorite grey trousers again. Not a lot, just enough for that.

2. To be more adventurous in my cooking - we can get a little bogged down on weeknights and as much as I love veggie chili and leeks they can get a little old. I have a stack of cookbooks and John got me a subscription to BBC Good Food magazine...I think I'm going to try and make one new thing every week.

3. To not be such a procrastinator. It's one of the things about myself that I dislike the most.

4. To bring my horn over and find some people to play with.


Mark said...

I notice you left the "procrastinator" one until '3'. Why not just move it to '4'?

StowmarKate said...

Haha...good call. Maybe later.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo - go run! You can do it! :) AT