Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter weekend No.1 (of 2)

Our garden has suddenly exploded in a riot of colo(u)r. Here's an arial view of our hanging basket (planted with the M-i-L) and the begonias that we planted with Mom & Dad.

It was a glorious afternoon - we had laundry dancing on the line and I sat out in the back yard and read my book. We've had a bumper crop of coriander, so John and I are going to have a shrimp curry tomorrow to see if we can use some of it up.

Last night we had a bbq with F & T - we spent some time shooting at a tin can in the back yard. John says that the only time he's ever seen his father miss anything was when they were trying to shoot a rabbit in the dark (the garden was overrun with them) and John was shining a flashlight on the rabbit.

We stopped on the way home to take some pictures - the sunset was glorious.

So, Harry Potter, you ask? Indeed. We saw the movie yesterday morning, and I loved it. I really like OOtP anyway (although I tend to stop right before they get in to the Dept of Mysteries - I can't bring myself to read any further). The writing was the best so far - it condensed the book perfectly, removing the extraneous characters and plot lines, without adding any other random filler. Luna was perfect, Umbridge was deliciously awful (and her office was PERFECT), and the Room Of Requirement was only missing a few pillows. I agree with C about how anything that was added sounded like it was written by JK. And I LOVED the scene where Harry was talking to Dumbledore about the prophecy... "You mean, in the end, one of us has to kill the other?" Yup, Harry, and that's NEXT WEEK!!! Oh, and when did Daniel Radcliffe get to be so cute? I know he's 17, but still. Oh, and I'm going to get my 'the end' theory out now, so if you don't care, go read the Times or something.

Snape will help Harry (on purpose or not, I don't know) kill Voldemort. I think this has to happen, although seeing OOtP again calls his loyalty into question again. He DID tell the others that "He's got Padfoot, in the place where it's hidden," but that could still be part of his double-agentness.

I may have to steal HBP from James' room and reread it this week...


kat said...

sounds like you had such a fun time!

I can't wait to see the HP movie. But it might be awhile...hard to get to see a movie sans kids.

I am rereading the last HP book + just can't wait for the new one! I agree, I think Snape in the end will be turn out good, proving Dumbledore was right about him all along.

Anonymous said...

Ah Kate i can feel yr excitment as the new book floats nearer towards you in time. Glad you enjoyed film. Sounds good.
Garden looks so pretty!
And the sunset photo is Amazing!!!
M x

C said...

Thanks for the shout out :D

I just reread HBP and I can't help feeling Snape was really doing what Dumbledore wanted. I don't like Snape, I think only a horrible man would vent old grudges on an innocent child, but all the evidence suggests Dumbledore wanted Snape to do it. Their argument that Hagrid overheard, when Snape said 'what if I don't want to' and Dumbledore says 'you promised'. Him coming in right when Malfoy is being forced to either do it or be killed for refusing, and doing it himself. Dumbledore saying 'Severus, please...' The way he'll only shield himself and won't curse back when Harry attacks him afterwards. It just seems like he must have done it on Dumbly's orders.