Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm still working on the leftovers from our bbq on Sunday - we managed to find a small window of sunny weather and we fired up the grill! We ended up with 3 Americans and 4 Brits (all of whom were very gracious about the celebrating rebels), and lots of potato salad.

No, it's not going to turn into a recipe blog, but my grandma's potato salad is SO good that it needs sharing.

Thanks, Mom, for the recipe - I hope it's in time for any last minute 4th of July potato salad crises! Happy 4th to all the 'mericans in attendance! Tomorrow, rather than watching fireworks, I will be at the Bury Bach Choir annual meeting. AND to add insult to injury, we got an email from the NY office today reminding us that all the US offices would be closed tomorrow. Bah.

Enjoy the potato salad, anyway.

*Potatoes (I used about 4 small potatoes per person)
*a BIG blob of Hellmann's mayo (don't use the other stuff)
*1 tbs red wine vinegar
*1/2 tsb dry mustard (or 1.5 tbs of dijon)
*A small white onion
*Parsley to garnish
*salt & pepper to season (I salt the 'tater water and find that's about all I need)

Boil the potatoes until they're tender, then drain and cool most of the way. Finely chop the onion, and mix with the mayo, vinegar and mustard. Toss with the potatoes, and serve with the parsley on top. You can substitute balsamic vinegar if you don't have red wine vinegar, but it turns everything a mocha-y color.

I'm going to ping down to London on Saturday to noodle around for the day - if anyone's around and wants to meet up, drop me a comment! I'm definitely headed for the Tate Modern to see the new exhibit and I think I'm going to venture further off the beaten path than I usually go - there's a limit to how many times I need to walk through Hyde Park (lovely though it is...). Suggestions gladly taken!


kat said...

oh great timing!
I was just thinking I should make some for tomorrow :) I'll give this a whirl! Thanks for sharing :)

Liz said...

My favorite in London (if you DO end up in Hyde Park) is the Orangerie in Kensington Gardens for tea. Or you could head out to my old 'hood and go to Holland Park. Either way you can window shop in Notting Hill. Enjoy!

jamie said...

Any mayonnaise other than Hellmann's is Un-American.