Tuesday, July 10, 2007


As promised, I went down to London this past weekend. It was a completely insane weekend and I was totally zonked by Sunday evening. I got up super-early on Saturday morning and took the 7:30 train, getting to town about 9. I went out to Marble Arch to have my eyebrows threaded - without success. My mom found this website, where I then found some places that did threading. Apparently it's popular enough in London that you have to make an appt 2 weeks (!) in advance. But not so popular that there are walk-in places all over the city, a la NYC... And there aren't any places out near us - I'll just have to plan further ahead next time.

I went to Liberty next and found some glorious fabric - I bought two small pieces that I'm going to work in to various projects. The guy who sold me the fabric was a real prizewinner - he'd hit every branch on the gay tree when he fell out of it, and he was wearing a (beautifully handmade) shirt with a v. busy Liberty floral pattern, accompanied by a tie of the same pattern. It was...eye catching.

Then it was off to Covent Garden to check out the lunch place that my physio recommended - it's called Food For Thought and was quite yummy.

I also managed to find a little courtyard (Neal's Yard) just north of CG, where I had a pedicure. Lovely. And then I bought a pair of black Birkenstocks because my black teva flip-flops have given up and are no longer fit for public wear. So I got these, in black. And am in the process of breaking them in.

Next, I took my mom's recommendation to check out Little Venice. I took a walking tour with a fantastic guide, met a new friend named Robin (if you're reading this, email me!), and took a boat ride. Here's our guide, singing to us:

And here's one of the views of Little Venice.

And another one.

And at the end of the boat ride, PIRATES!

Phew...it was a busy day. More tomorrow.


kat said...

Sounds like a super day!
What's threading? Sound painful!

Anonymous said...

my cousin keeps telling me how great threading is, she has her eyebrows done. have to say they do look great. just need to find the time to try it.

so pleased you had a good weekend in london, all be it super busy.

love the photos, as always, especially the 2nd little venice one.

speak soon M x