Friday, July 6, 2007


John's in London tonight, so I've parked myself in front of the tv for some awesome Wimbledon. The sun is finally shining and there were some fantastic rallies and upsets. I may have to find a cafe with a tv tomorrow afternoon...

We watched An Inconvenient Truth last night - it's something you should see, if you haven't. Al Gore is passionate about the damage we're doing to the environment, and he's got quite a pulpit to shout his message from. I've found a noticeable difference between the attitudes in the UK and in the US - everyone here is SO much more aware of the damage we've done to the environment and there's a much greater willingness to change our behavior to reverse the damage.

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kat said...

We bought Gore's book, but haven't watched the movie yet. I hear it is wonderful. It in my Netflix {right after ninja mutant turtles!}

I think I might have to bump them for this movie :)

Have a great weekend! Enjoy wimbledon!