Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's raining again

Which means we have more rainbows than we know what to do with.

Here are two pictures, taken out the back window, five minutes apart. Crazy English weather. We've truly had the most appalling summer - it's been cold and rainy since mid-May. I haven't worn shorts ONCE and we still have our spring/fall duvet on the bed. And Moose (the stuffed moose) is wearing his antler-muffs still.

I'm still feeling v. calm about Harry Potter, but I'm reluctant to post about it here because I know a lot of people haven't finished yet. So if you want to discuss, email me, otherwise I'll post about it in a few weeks.

It's also looking like my plans to go to NY at Christmas might change, but nothing's final yet so I'm being really cautious. I should know in a couple of days, though.

There's also a lot of crazy stuff going on at work - it seems like one of those months where people are moving all over the place - at our suppliers, with our customers, and within the company. I'll have to ask Michelle (my astrologically inclined buddy) if there's something planetary that's causing all the upheaval.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! You are not wrong re crazy stuff happening. It's for two reasons i reckon

1) several wks after a merc ret period, time and life seems so much more fast paced/changing in comparison to previous retrograde upheavels, slowness/setbacks

2) if the above is not relevent i really think the sun in challenging angle to pluto (planet of transformation/ends/beginnings/ power)over last week or so fits with what you mention. Plus mars (planet of action, anger, passion, energy, war) is positively aspecting Uranus (planet of future, independence, originality, rebellion, independence).

Ive felt 'change' in the air for last few weeks at moment. It's a good time to start new projects, and implement positive changes.

Next few weeks imagine we'll generally notice Jupiter opposition Mars people being more excitable, energised, polly anna like at times, making brave actions, exaggerated gestires. leaping excitedly without thinking always thinking long term. It's fun and great things can begin from this enthusiasm

have a lovely weekend kate xx

Jean Schiavone said...

How about sending some of that rain my way? Here in Southern California we have not seen rain since . . . well, I honestly can't remember when we had our last rain - I think sometime in early May.

We are currently in a high fire season and I am only praying we do not have a year like we had in 2004