Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blanket's Done!

I finished my blanket last night. I started it in October last year and I feel like I've been knitting squares forever. Granted, I've taken some extended breaks, and have been working on it more since I got the cream yarn, but it's still taken a LOT of time.

The backing and the border are all one piece of brown fine-wale corduory. I tried to make the corners neat but they're not my strong suit. I had originally hand-sewn them with navy thread but I think they look better with the yarn. The whole thing sort of fell into place: the corduroy was a remnant that was on sale, and it ended up being the exact right size for the 48 squares that I made. The middle is hand-tied with more yarn - I had a blanket as a child that someone had hand-tied that I thought looked really silly, but I think it works on this one. There's no batting in it - just the corduroy and the knitted squares. It makes the edges a little less warm than the rest of it. If I find it's too cold, I can always pick part of the edge stitching out and put some batting in. I'd probably want to use some dark-colored fleece - regular quilting batting would show through too much. The original Anthropologie blanket of Emily's that inspired the whole project is un-google-able - neither she nor I have found an image or any mention of it anywhere on the web. She's promised to ask the boy to take a picture of it - we'll see how they compare.

Mine will be extensively tested this weekend while I curl up on the couch with my current Jodi Picoult, Second Glance.

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Anonymous said...

you're very clever Kate.

looks fab! well done.

M x