Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

We were going to be really virtuous today and go for a walk, but a really close fog has settled and doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast.

John and I had a really chill night last night - we made this veggie curry for dinner and watched the final 3 episodes of the first season of Heroes. We're completely obsessed. Like having-discussions-about-it-in-the-middle-of-the-night-when-we're-supposed-to-be-sleeping obsessed. The interwebbies have been murmuring about how the second season isn't as good - we'll just have to watch it ourselves and find out. It's supposedly starting on BBC 2 sometime this year...

Just as we were finishing the DVD, our across-the-street neighbors rang the bell and invited us over for some drinks and nibbles. V. nice of them - we had fun and it was all very low-key.

I love this picture that my dad sent of Edward and me at the Bronx Zoo. He's scanning and digitizing all of his slides and photos. It keeps him out of trouble, and he sends the best ones over to me via email. I think he should set up a photoblog with them. He didn't included a date for this one but it looks like it's sometime around 1987. I remember the outfit I'm in - my mom made it for me (I picked out the fabric and the pattern). She used to make all of our PJs and a lot of our clothes. This one had a really cool square neckline and matching shorts. I can't believe how much time she must have spent on our clothes, especially since we always grew out of them so fast!

I made this video last week when we were baking bread with the new Kitchenaid (from Santa). We've made three loaves of bread and a batch of slice'n'bake cookies. YUM! The original soundtrack was...erm...weird. So I decided to be witty with a little Tori Amos.

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