Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kate the Bear

There are always people taking collections and running raffles at work, for various charities. Today, one of my colleagues came around with a "guess the bear's name" sheet and a bear. I gave her £1 and plopped my name in the 'Katie' box. And completely forgot about it.

About half an hour later, the receptionist came on the PA and said, "Thank you all for your donations. The bear's name is Katie. Congratulations to Kate - please come get your bear!" At which point I let out a whoop of joy (which was heard throughout the sales department and caused much laughter). Katie the bear has come home and has been introduced to the other soft toys - I think they'll all get along.


Anonymous said...

You always were fond of the bears, and to win one in a lottery makes it even more special! Looking forward to meeting Kate the Bear on Skype next time.

Love, Dad.

Anonymous said...

I bet you couldn't bear the suspense before you won though!

Jamie said...

oh hai katie bear!