Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trouser Mystery/Dilemma

I ordered some trousers from Boden this weekend - they turned up today. Having not ordered from them before (except for James), I wasn't sure of my size. They have really clear sizing charts, so I measured. Lots.

I ordered two pairs: these sailor trousers that look like they were made for me, and these jeans that are a bit too small. And yes, they're both the same size. Grrr. I called and asked if they would shrink, and the girl said that they hadn't had any feedback that they would. So do I keep the jeans and hope they stretch a little or do I get the bigger size? They're a little bit stretchy, and we don't have a dryer... It's a little frustrating - you'd think a mail-order company would rely on consistent sizing. Right?

Jeans are the first picture, sailor trousers the second. Ok, now that I've put them in as thumbnails they kind of look the same. They're different, I promise.

Update: I returned the jeans for a different cut - the same as the sailor pants. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Kate: Boden is not L.L. Bean, and a clothes dryer is assumed here, so we can't help you in the decision. Only consolation is that your Grandma Hughes had the same issues when she bought pants for me in the 1950's; buy them big, and let them "grow into them", and assume they will "shrink to fit", or buy them to the proper fit at time of sale and then have to give them away because they had been outgrown.

Decisions, decisions. Anyway, we're sure you'll look good in them, whatever you decide!



C said...

I would say you should keep the jeans unless they're uncomfortable. With no dryer, presumably they won't shrink further so they'll just be a little sexy. But if they feel bad on, send 'em back.