Sunday, January 6, 2008

J & K Bagels

The hubby made bagels yesterday. He used this recipe for "Authentic New York bagels." For some reason, I thought making bagels would be really hard - it was surprisingly easy. And they were SO good. The one I had straight out of the oven was chewy and crispy on the outside and just the right kind of doughy on the inside. Mmmm. They were way better than the ones from the supermarket (I know, I know), and I think with a little tweaking they could be better than the ones from my bagel shop in New York.

I finished Second Glance this morning - it was a ghost story, which I didn't realize at the beginning. I really liked it - the story romped right along. It's another one set in Burlington, VT...I don't know if I'm drawn to Vermont authors or if all authors just live in Vermont...

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